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This is Alistair, and this is his story. 

Alistair is a stray Airedale spotted by one of our technicians trying to cross the Scranton Connector.  After being almost run over by a passing car, Alistair took off into a nearby building's parking lot.  Because he was so weak, our technicians caught up with him easily and as soon as they had the leash around his neck, Alistair collapsed to the ground. The technicians carried him across the busy road and back to our office.  After looking him over, Dr. Pope found that he was extremely anemic, malnourished, and positive for heart worms and fecal parasites.  Despite all of this and his obvious exhaustion, Alistair wagged his tail while we checked him over and was very grateful for the food and attention and warm bed we gave him.

  He is doing amazingly well now!  We believe he is 5 - 6 years old.  He has started putting on weight and is learning his manners. We suspect that Alistair was at some point someone's pet.  He knows a few tricks and walks on a leash with no problems - except for sometimes wanting to play or walk around trees and you!  Alistair spent 2 weeks here at the clinic with us while he got his strength back up.  After being neutered and being deemed healthy by Dr. Pope, he went to Glynn County Animal Services where he has been adopted.  And is now on his way to Canton Georgia to his new home! 



This is "Loud Mouth Stewart's " story.

Loud Mouth was given to an Animal Control officer at an adoption event on May 19th 2012, by a man who found him tangled up in wire under his house.  He was about a month and a half old.  At first glance he looked good for being tangled in wire for a few days. Then she saw his back right leg. It had been broken in multiple locations and the blood supply to his foot was compromised. The leg was not salvageable. We amputated his leg and neutered him.

He has been taken care of by everyone in the office, and has been taken home every night by Catie, who has now fallen in love with him. She is now making her home his home. The three legged kitten that once fell down when trying to walk now runs, jumps and pounces like he has four legs. Loud Mouth has earned his name by screaming and yelling for food. Otherwise he is quiet and playful. 

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